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ServiceGuard is trusted by many across the country to create Reinsurance and Contractor Owned Warranty Companies. The list of benefits of starting your own company is long, but we will list a few of our favorites. Whether you choose to sell ServiceGuard products or private label, the time to start is now!

  1. Stop sending YOUR MONEY to someone else! Keep your money for yourself.
  2. CUSTOMER RETENTION. Lock them in, with a product you know will satisfy your customer for years to come.
  3. NO more HEADACHES from filing a claim with unreliable partners
  4. STOP the GUESSING games, know your company is operating in COMPLIANCE
  5. Provide your customers with a PROFESSIONAL contract, not simply word of mouth.
  6. TAX BENEFITS, stop paying more than you should.
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At the core of the DOWC philosophy is the belief that contractors should make their own decisions as to what products they should participate in, how to invest their money, and how to handle claims.

Most administrators who share our beliefs don’t have the technology or field staff to carry them out properly.

We bring the business of dealer owned product to the big box arena. Our systems deploy the latest state-of-the-art administration technology, advanced selling platforms, robust reporting, and are aligned with a field staff who bring years of big box training to deliver a large administrator feel to the dealership environment.

For more information on DOWC visit :

North American HVAC Group prides itself on consulting and educating contractors with the industries best options for wealth creation and development. Whether your goal is to grow your business, sell your business, or pass it down to the next generation, our team can help you maximize the profitability of your decision.

Most service contract and warranty providers in the HVAC industry help your company generate one new line of profit. Our goal, through participating in owning your own company is to create multiple new revenue sources, all while helping you mitigate your tax burdens.

We bring over two decades of industry experience in reinsurance and contractor owned warranty company creation to your HVAC company.