Reinsurance & contractor Participation Programs

Service Guard has the widest array of products in the industry, and has unparalleled experience in helping contractors implement a comprehensive participation strategy. We help you understand the advantages and approaches to setting up reinsurance programs or a Contractor Owned Warranty Company.

Advantages of starting a Reinsurance or Contractor Owned Warranty Company

  • Increased profitability
  • Legal and Compliant Guarantee
  • Deferred taxation

Why Choose Service Guard for creating your new company?

  • We have extensive experience helping contractors of all sizes implement participation strategies
  • Our legal partners and accountants have intimate knowledge of the tax requirements and procedures necessary to implement a profitable and compliant program

A profitable and properly structured participation program is not a cookie cutter product that can be mass produced or sold as an off the shelf offering. Each strategy is designed specifically to fit your unique needs, based upon the size of your company, warranty penetration rate, and many other factors. We've been helping companies implement successful participation strategies since 1995. Our reputation and track record for launching successful programs is unsurpassed.

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